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Replace Your Roof with Natural and Quality Materials

Replacing a roof on your home is not a task you want to do. However, it is expected that most homeowners will face this challenge at some point. Choose natural materials that are good for the environment and those of high-quality to ensure you don’t have to make as many repairs or replacements while you own your home. Several options exist for you to choose from. Clay Tile One eco-friendly option is clay tile. It is made from natural clay and hardened to be durable. It comes in many styles...

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Local Roofing Professionals Advise Against Out of Town Contractors

In 2016 Colorado Springs saw one of its most expensive years for hailstorm damage at a whopping $352 Million in insurance claims. In 2013 there were 16,000 hail and wind damage claims in Denver alone. Like many other Colorado residents, homeowners will replace their roof for the third time in more than 20 years. For them, hiring a local roofer is important. You don’t want to hire someone from out of town – a fly-by-night company. If you have a problem who are you going to contact once they...

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Why You Should Repair Your Roof After A Long Winter

Why You Should Repair Your Roof After A Long Winter Every year the Colorado winters bombard your home or businesses roof with wind, snow, ice and the continuous freezing and thawing conditions. These types of weather conditions can cause damage to your roof and it may not be visible from the ground. When the heavy spring rains come your roof may begin to leak and if it is a small leak you may not even know it. Without regular roof repair checkups water can cause thousands of dollars in damage. And in many cases this is lost expenses that could...

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