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How To Install Copper Rain Gutters

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Many individuals are now choosing copper rain gutters for their homes as they offer a certain beauty and durability that simply cannot be found elsewhere. In fact, once you have them installed on your home you will probably never have to have them replaced. Most other alternatives usually rot and rust after they have been installed for a few years, while copper rain gutters rarely experience these problems. However, you will typically have to pay a bit more for them, but only in upfront costs. Because they will rarely require maintenance you will find they pay for themselves in just a few years.

If you are wondering about how to install copper rain gutters, it is not much different from any other type. The first step of the process is determining the slope angle on the eaves, on which they will be installed. Take a line level and stretch it out across the side and take a measurement by marking off the high point on one side and the low point on the other. The gutters’ slope should be a quarter inch to about 3/8 of an inch for roughly every ten feet. If it is less than this then you run of the risk of your water not draining properly.

Installing copper guttersThe next step to installing copper rain gutters is to cut them down to the proper size. You should first off mark the desired length using a tape measure along the entire circumference of the gutter. You can now make your cuts by using a pair of tin snips. Some people use saws but it is not easy to get an accurate cut by using them. If the gutters are made of metal it is a good idea to wear protective gloves so you do not cut yourself by accident. Once the guttering has been cut it can now be attached to your eaves.

The last section of copper rain gutters that you will have to install are the downspouts. These are long sleeve sections that must also be cut to the proper length and then attached to a hole cut out of the guttering. This opening area must be well sealed by silicone in order to prevent any leaks from occurring. The two pieces can be screwed together with metal screws with end caps sealed with silicone. This should also be done at any seams in the guttering. You can check for leaks using a garden hose afterward.

As you can see, it is not really that difficult to put up copper rain gutters and it can be an excellent do it your self alternative. If you have any doubts on your ability to perform this job, it is a good idea to call Mountain State Roofing as we have the experience needed for installing rain gutters of all types.

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