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A standing seam metal roof isn’t for all property owners however, they are among the highest quality roofing system you can have installed. As the cost of asphalt shingles continues to rise due to the rising cost of fiberglass and petroleum shingles metal roofing systems are becoming more popular. Metal roofing has come a long way in the last 10 years – metal roofs are available in steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel and come in a wide variety of colors. A metal roof can increase the value of your home, enhance the structural integrity and curb appeal.

An advantage to standing seam roofing systems is that they carry at least a 50 year warranty. Metal is a rigid material so it is durable and holds up well to hail and wind storms. Metal sheets are screwed down and then the screws are covered with fasteners to protect them from the elements and corrosion. In areas that are known for frequent high winds, more screws can be used to help secure the roof even more.

metal roofingMetal roof installation contractors are highly skilled at working with sheet metal and know how to custom fabricate and install sheets to meet the building’s design style making for a beautiful outcome.

Metal roofing comes in flat sheets or coil metal sheets and are fabricated to varying lengths, widths, colors and profiles to meet the shape of the building. Some standing seam metal roofing systems like copper are hand crafted for historic buildings. This type of project requires specialized skills to ensure the roof will not leak. If you plan to have a metal roof installed on your home you want to make sure the contractor has a crew with the experience and the proper equipment for cutting and fabricating the panels. Many roofers do not do standing seam metal roofs because of the specialized skills and tools needed.

You’ll find many commercial properties with standing seam metal roofs. In some cases metal is used to accent other types of roofs like shingles, slate and wood shakes. Some example of these accents can be seen on return roofs, bird walks and bay windows. You’ll also see these on the front entrance canopy of shopping centers and commercial buildings.

The main thing to take away is that putting a metal roof on your business property or house is a good investment. Metal roofing systems perform very well and last a very long time. Call Mountain State Roofing for more information about metal roofing Denver contractors

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