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Hail Resistant Roofing Options

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The Front Range in Colorado has the ominous nick name “Hailstorm Alley.” Hailstorm Alley receives the biggest hail much more often compared to anywhere else in North America and many other parts of the world. Homeowners in Hailstorm Alley could receive at least 3 damaging hailstorm storms each year. Hailstorms create serious residential property damages yearly. In the last years, hail has caused more than $3 billion in insured damages in Colorado alone.

After a hailstorm storm it is recommended to call a roofing expert to follow up and check your house. Roof hail damage to a home can sometimes be difficult to see or find since it frequently takes place on roofing systems and could not be seen from the ground. A skilled roof covering expert can inspect all the most common areas of a home where damage is most likely to occur. For example the roofing, rain gutters, fences, windows, and exterior siding. Also smaller sized hailstorm could damage your roof. In the majority of circumstances hail will certainly not cause your roof to leak instantly but rather the hail can wear down your roof causing it to deteriorate quicker speed up the aging process.

roof damage from hail storm in Denver

After a heavy hailstorm lots of roofers offer a cost-free roofing inspection. The roofing professional will certainly examine the roofing in the same manner as an insurance adjuster and tell you if you have experienced any damage that would make it a good idea to call your insurance coverage agent to submit a claim.

Hail Resistant Roofing

If you live in Colorado’s Hail Alley, and you are purchasing a brand-new house or replacing an already existing roof you need to consider utilizing hailstorm resistant roof covering materials. No roofing system can be hail-proof; however, making use of hail resistant materials could safeguard your home in the event of a heavy storm. Hailstorm resistant roof covering is categorized on a scale from one to four with 4 being the most insusceptible. The products are examined by dropping a steel ball from different elevations and determining what damage the roof suffers after effect. Lots of roofing materials include a ranking on this scale. If you install a roofing system with a high score, you may be able to secure a reduced insurance rate. Class four items are made from copper, plastic, resin, and customized asphalt shingles. Customized asphalt tiles are more powerful more tough in comparison to basic shingles. These shingles have a rubber-like top quality that shields them from the potential problems that come with the annual  hailstorm. The material prevents premature degeneration from storms. Impact resistant materials could with stand a 110 mile an hour wind storm  for a prolonged period of time. They flex with the wind and kick back into their placement when the storm passes.

Homeowner in the South West / Mid-West should take into consideration speaking with their roofing contractor and insurance policy broker about hailstorm resistant roofing. By setting up a hailstorm prepared roofing system the resident could help save money on insurance policy premiums and improve the life expectancy of their roof covering.

Impact Resistant Roofs

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