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4 Factors To Determine If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

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A study conducted by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, hail damage is one of the leading causes for roof damage each year with an average cost of $1.6 Billion each year. This is a huge figure that is difficult to wrap your mind around. Unfortunately Colorado has its fair share of hail storm damage each year and is the leading cause for premature roof replacement. Detecting hail damage on your roof can be a bit difficult when the damage isn’t obvious.

Some obvious signs can be found by looking at your homes gutters, downspouts, metal vents and the roof shingles. After a hail storm you can inspect these four things:

Look for shingle debris – when your asphalt shingles take a beating it knocks the granules off of the shingles and you can find deposits of this debris in your gutters and at the bottom of your downspout. The granules falling off of your shingles won’t be noticeable to the naked eye so inspecting the gutters is key. If you find debris from the shingles there is a good chance your roof has been damaged by the storm.

Inspect the gutter for dings – Depending on the thickness and quality of your gutters a good hail storm can cause dings and dents to your metal gutters. If your gutters have taken a beating and dents are evident then it is highly likely that your roof did too.

Check for leaks – Hail damage isn’t always apparent from the ground but we don’t recommend that you climb up on your roof either. Roof damage from a hail storm will not always result in an immediate leak. And unfortunately, most home owners don’t realize that they had received hail damage until they discover a leak problem. Damaged shingles will degrade quickly so the problem may take a little time to begin showing its ugly face. You can and should inspect roof hail damage Denver Coloradothe ceiling of your home for water spots or stains. If you find any call us immediately. This means that water has leaked enough to cause damage and letting it go will only make the damage worse. After a storm you can inspect your attic for water stains on the rafters. If you see this then your roof has begun to leak.

Inspect vents and shingles – We don’t recommend climbing on your roof. If you have a second story window you can easily look at your shingles from there. Another option is to inspect your roof from the ground with a pair of binoculars. Look at your vents and other metal roof protrusions for dents and dings. You may also be able to see dents and dings on your shingles. These dents and dings will look like black spots where the granules have been knocked off.

The rule of thumb for inspection is if you have 10 spots of damage within 10 square feet it is time to call Mountain State Roofing. If you’re unsure if your home sustained damage from the storm, Call Mountain State Roofing. We will gladly come out and inspect your roof at no cost. Roof hail damage is a way of life in Colorado and we are here to help with all your roofing needs.

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