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Staying on Top of Roofing Repairs

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It always seems to happen that right in the middle of the most severe weather, you realize that your roof has some damage. Roofing repairs can definitely be daunting when you’ve never had to deal with them before, and they can be downright brutal to address when you’re right in the middle of a storm when they happen. Luckily there are sources to help you find the right contractor for the job when you find yourself in a jam.

The need for roofing repair can also mean a variety of things, so it’s important to get the right diagnostic inspections done to ensure that no problems are overlooked, and the right ones are being addressed. Professional crews should be easily able to find the source of the leak or other damage and get it repaired quickly so that it doesn’t end up raining in your living room.

roof repairs in DenverIce can become a large problem and it is something that is often overlooked. In the middle of winter, heat can rise through your attic to reach the roof deck and this can form problematic ice dams. This heat that rises can melt snow that’s on the roof but it doesn’t reach the edges of the roof that are exposed to more cold. Melting snow from a heated roof then runs down towards the still frozen eaves and quickly forms ice dams along the edges, and this can put a great deal of strain on the eaves as well as lead to significant water damage. When ice is blocked the drainage rout for all of the snow on the roof, water will start pooling elsewhere inside your roof. The solution to this problem involves several steps, but the good news is that it is usually covered by insurance companies. When this kind of problem is first noticed, however, your insurance company is not the first call to make. Instead, have a licensed roofer and general contractor first inspect and assess the damage so that you know that you have damage worthy of a claim, and exactly what to report in your claim.

Poor maintenance in general and over time is also a large contributor to roof damage. If you find yourself to be the new owner of an older home, a roof inspection should be a top priority before you move in. Your roof may be especially susceptible to damage if it has little or no slope, as water and debris can collect and create problems quickly. Wind and hail can also play a large part in the health of your roof. Wind storms that may not feel strong enough to cause damage can loosen shingles and nails over time, which builds up to significant problems later on.

Overall, a good rule to follow would be to schedule regular maintenance checks on your roof, whether new or old. Roofing repairs are vital and can be more costly the longer they are left alone, and having a leaky roof is definitely something that we all want to avoid!

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