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Does Your Shingle Roofing System Have a Leak?

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Do you wonder whether the bowed ceiling in your home might indicate a roofing leakage? Many Athens homeowners are not familiar with leaking shingle roofing signs. Frequently a ceiling caves in before property owners recognize the issue. Learn to recognize the signs of shingle roofing system damage prior to it is too late! Check out the lists below for additional information …

Indications of a Roofing System Leak

Boulder rooferThe signs of roof leakage are not right away noticeable. They might take a while (even up to a couple of years!) to appear depending upon the size of the leak.

  • Water discolorations– try to find these on ceilings, walls, and in the attic.
  • Mold or Black Marks– Usually discovered in the attic, where the wetness from a roofing leakage ends up being stagnant and trapped
  • Bowed Ceiling– This can occur from a roofing system or pipeline leaking water into the structure of your home.

Spotting the early signs of roof leak can avoid your home from sustaining extensive water damage. Affected insulation will lose its R-value, and your house will end up being less energy effective.

Common Reasons for a Roof Leak

Roofing system leakages most regularly happen around protrusions such as skylights, chimneys and plumbing exhaust pipes, given that roof seams are susceptible. Loose, missing out on, or damaged shingles jeopardize the watertight stability of a sloped roof.

Preventing Further Damage

Water damage needs a series of steps to be taken in order to ensure that more damage is prevented. To accomplish some of these, you will need expert aid:

  • All openings on your roofing system will have to be sealed (by an expert roofing contractor).
  • Broken shingles will need to be changed (also by an expert roofing professional).
  • Your gutters need to be cleared.
  • Mop up excess water in your attic.
  • Make sure electrical circuitry is dry (contact an electrician for this task).
  • Look for pests! (Water-loving pests such as ants and earwigs might build a nest in locations that are damaged by water.).


Contact an expert Boulder Roofer if you presume you might have leakage issues. We offer top notch roofing system repair work services for shingle roof.

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