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Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

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Solutions to roofing problems are a lot like other things. Friends, family or even roofers may give you a number of different solutions to your problems. In the end, regardless of the advice, it all boils down to two basic choices: repair or replace. Let’s say your laptop starts experiencing problems. You can always decide to take it to a service center and have it repaired or if you believe that you don’t want to experience the same problems then maybe it would be better to buy a new one instead. The same is true when it comes to your house. When it starts showing problems, do you have to do roof repair or just go all out and renovate everything?

Lakewood roofer repairsThe first thing you need to do is determine the overall condition of your roof and ask the necessary questions. How old is the roof anyway? Has it been there since you moved in? These questions are important as it could give you an idea that the roof could be nearing the end of what is called its life expectancy. You also need to ask questions like, “how much damage has it experienced?” Have tree branches been falling on it constantly? Has it gone through a lot of large weather disturbances like typhoons or snowstorms? If this is the case then maybe even excellent roof repair or even proper maintenance is not enough and a better option would be to have it replaced instead.

The next thing to consider is to know what exactly the problem is. If the issue is just a few leaks then a little patching up may be all that is required. It would be indeed be ill-advised to replace everything when the problem is simply a torn flashing or a broken shingle. In this case, repairing would indeed be a wise decision.

Since we’ve already mentioned shingles, then it is important that you look into their condition. If you live in area that is particularly dry or even hot then look for signs of cracked shingles. It is possible that while the shingles may be showing the signs of the problem, the underside is in fact decaying and replacing it may worsen the problem as it may not be able to hold the weight of the new materials. In this particular situation it is always good to second guess yourself and have professional roofers take a look at it. There are many such companies available like the Mountain State Roofing of Metro Denver who can take a look at your roof and determine if a roof repair is preferable than total replacement.

It goes without saying that the main factor in your decision would be the amount that you would spend. Let’s take the case of your roof being old. In that scenario, a repair will be less expensive compared to a replacement. However since the roof is old, it may have to undergo repairs constantly and would result in you spending more. If on the other hand the problem can be fixed then spending for a replacement may be too much as well.

The most important thing to remember though is that whatever decision you make regarding you roofing problems, you have to stick with it and not change halfway otherwise you will problem have more trouble than what you initially started with.

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