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How you can Know When Your Shingles Need Replacing

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If you’ve never ever replaced a roof previously, or required residential roof repair, you might be asking yourself exactly how you know when the shingles need to be replaced. They may look a little bit broken, however just how do you know what normal deterioration is, and when it’s time for a roof replacement? By seeking these tell-tale indications that are always a measure of a roof in need of repair:


When shingles start to break away from the roof they frequently start to curl. When this happens high winds can quickly rip them off, as well as ice can additionally accumulate on as well as under them, creating additional damages to the roof itself.

Missing Granules

roof  repairIf you’ve ever felt asphalt tiles you probably noticed that they have a rough, sandpaper type of appearance and feel. These granuals will discolor with time and from the hot and cold elements. When those granules are totally missing nonetheless, or there are real bare spots on the tiles, they should be replaced.

Missing and Broken Shingles

If any shingle is missing at any moment, it needs to be changed right away. Otherwise, that section of the roof is simply an entrance way for water and your problems are just beginning. Water seeping into the attic can cause major structural damage that is far more expensive to fix than repairing your roof.

While there are various other indications to inform you that you need a roof repair or replacement these are the most significant indicators that you need to repair your shingles. If you observe any one of these items or have water leaking into your attic give us a call. Our expert staff is ready to help you fix your roof before it can become a bigger and more expensive problem to deal with.

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