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Trademarks of An Excellent Roof Inspection

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The roof on your house sits completely exposed to the weather condition, so it’s bound to suffer the effects of wear and aging in time. If you do not take proactive actions to keep it in good condition, minor problems can escalate into expensive repair works and even a premature roof replacement.

Having the roof inspected periodically is the best way to identify any establishing concerns so you can get them fixed while they’re easy to repair and prevent bigger headaches. For an exceptional, thorough roofing system evaluation, you must employ a licensed specialist. Make certain the procedure includes the following essential elements.

An Interior Assessment

denver roof contractorA knowledgeable inspector needs to initially look for any signs of water damage on your ceilings, and then direct to your attic to search for the following:

  • Adequate ventilation to keep the attic dry and prevent roofing deterioration.
  • Damp insulation or indications of mold development that may be due to a roofing leakage or extreme condensation.
  • Dripping water or proof of staining on the underside of the roof deck.

An Exterior Evaluation

Next, a qualified specialist should examine the whole roof system from the ground and up on the roof itself to look for:

  • Broken, curled, or missing shingles or uplifted nails.
  • Excessive quantities of shingle granules in the gutters or on the ground.
  • Visible bare patches of shingle substrate.
  • Indications of rust, missing out on fasteners, or loose panels on a metal roofing.
  • Damaged/missing flashing or split caulking around the eaves, side walls, valleys, chimney, vent stacks, and any skylights or dormers.
  • Leaking or loose rain gutters and decayed fascia.
  • Obstructed or harmed roofing system vents.
  • Evidence of sagging or bowing of the roofing system deck.
  • Signs of exposed or damaged water barrier or underlayment.
  • A Composed Evaluation Report

After the exterior and interior assessments are completed, your inspector must give you a thorough report on the state of your roofing that includes the following information:

  • The type and age of the roof product, and an estimate of how many years you can expect it to last.
  • Details about any existing leaks discovered throughout the evaluation.
  • A description and image of any noticeable damage.
  • A cost estimate and suggested timeline for making any required repairs.

If you’re concerned about the condition of the roofing on your home, contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation roofing assessment and assessment with a qualified Denver roof contractor.

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