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Do My Roof Shingles Really Have A Lifetime Warranty?

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Asphalt roof didn’t have much variation in the past. Shingles were made in the 3-tab style, which is a flat shingle with 3 rectangular shapes per piece. Today, the huge majority of shingles are of the architectural range. They have a cedar-shake appearance, with overlay pieces to provide the shingle measurement and shadow lines. They are thicker and cover up roof line imperfections much better. They also have longer warranties.

With the variation built into the product, architectural shingles are also simpler to install. With the in proportion rectangles of 3-tab shingles, much more attention needs to be paid in positioning on the roof prior to nailing.

Timberline ShinglesThe warranties of architectural shingles have actually recently altered to make things more confusing to the consumer. Every one of these brand names utilized to have 30, 40, and 50 year shingles. 30 was most of exactly what was used, but the customer might pay more for even thicker 40 or 50 year ranges with more product weight and more distinct shadow lines. Now, asphalt shingles will never last 50 years but at least you might see the “good, better, finest” development with the old system.

One of the business got the brilliant concept to call their 30 yr a “life time shingle” to distinguish from the other manufacturers. The shingles might be shot in 20 years, however by that time the pro-rated value is pretty little. Shingle manufacturers also rely on the realities that homeowners stay in a house for 7 years on average, and “life time” is how long the house owner lives there.

Today, customers have to sort through all the product offerings to discover the distinction in thickness and weight. 30, 40, and 50 year was previously the guide to tell the difference. With every architectural shingle now having a lifetime service warranty, house owners need to do a bit more reading (or get some help from one of our roofing professionals) to find which ones are the premium density items.

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