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Wind, Storms and Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claims Support

At Mountain State Roofing, we understand all the ins and outs of property insurance. We understand the system, the requirements and the processes involved. It is our goal to assist you in quickly gaining insurance reimbursement for covered damages to your roof, siding, windows, fencing, air conditioning unit, fascia, flashings, or any other things that were damaged by the weather. We make the job simple and seamless from the first call! Once you call us, we’ll take away the worry and provide you with peace of mind throughout the process of dealing with your hail damage claims.

First of all, you need to know that you have paid premiums in case your property is damaged by the weather. Your insurance company has a specific list of standard things that are required to be damaged, before you receive your earned reimbursement. To achieve the best results, we recommend that you phone us first. Our expert will come to your home, commercial, or industrial property and do a thorough examination of your roof and the surrounding structures and amenities. We will then consult with you to let you know the condition of the roof and whether or not you may be able to qualify for reimbursement. Our experts are usually 95% sure of the insurance company’s acceptance when they advise you to call them.

When your examiner comes to look at your roof, our goal will to be on the roof first. We will take the time to mark in chalk all the damage, dings, and poor structural issues, while taking into consideration all the surrounding areas as well. In most cases, our customers are approved for a new roofing system, since we know what key items to look for to receive coverage reimbursement. In the slight chance that you may not qualify, you’ll want to call us after the first severe storm, which usually finishes off the damage needed.

Then, your insurance company will provide you with an ACV check for the amount of the roofs current value. You will give this to your Mountain State expert as a down payment. This is usually the money that your roofer will use to purchase the materials and labor needed to begin the job.

Once your Mountain State expert has purchased the agreed-to materials and to hire the initial crew needed to complete the finished project. Upon completing the total job, including all the side work of painting the home and/or trim, replacing the vents, gutters and trim, you will then get a final RCV check for the roofing project. This remaining check, along with your deductible should then be given to your Mountain State expert for final payment.

Your product and your labor are warranted at Mountain State Roofing. Your project manager will explain the warranty on the materials, as well as the installation. Because we have our own employees who are licensed and bonded, we are able to do the work better and faster. Our employees care about our company, our customers and our reputation, and that is great for our customer satisfaction rating in Colorado!

There are two reason why assistance with your claim is essential! First of all, the average roof in Colorado now costs more than $14,000, understanding and working the process properly can mean all the difference when you are attempting to gain reimbursement. We’re on your side and it shows! We have a history of helping property owners with our expert direction, guidance and support throughout the entire claim process.

The second reason that you want to make sure you have an expert, claim savvy roofing contractor is that many insurance policies have a rider that limits the amount of time a property owner has to file for reimbursement. If you do not file within the specified time frame, you can legally be denied reimbursement. Since you have paid for the coverage, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to receive insurance funding for your roofs replacement or repair.

Colorado weather brings hail damage and high winds can tear shingles from your roof leaving your roofing system exposed. Let us help you with your insurance claim.

If you have roof hail damage, we’ll help! If you don’t have weather damage, you will still know all there is to know about your roof, any damage, and any possible ways to repair it.

Here is our simple 5-step plan for Roof Insurance Reimbursement Assistance.

Hail, Wind, & Storms and Your Claim

Step 1 – Call Mountain State First
Your Roofer Will Provide a FREE Roofing Assessment & Inform You of Possible Damage due to Weather.

Step 2 – Submit Claim for Insurance Approval
Call Insurance Carrier to File Claim. Adjuster will Inspect and Approve or Deny.

Step 3 – Insurance Scope of Services & Initial Payments
Adjuster Determines What they will Pay, Giving You ACV Check. You Provide Your Roofer with ACV Check and Your Deductible.

Step 4 – Your Roofer Completes Your Work
We Complete the Work Based Upon Your Signed Agreement and We Bill Your Insurance Carrier for the Balance.

Step 5 – Final Roofing Payment
The Check You Receive is called the “Replacement Cost Value” (RCV) & This is the Final Amount Owed to Your Roofer, along with your deductible.

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