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Replacing a roof on your home is not a task you want to do. However, it is expected that most homeowners will face this challenge at some point. Choose natural materials that are good for the environment and those of high-quality to ensure you don’t have to make as many repairs or replacements while you own your home. Several options exist for you to choose from.

Clay Tile

One eco-friendly option is clay tile. It is made from natural clay and hardened to be durable. It comes in many styles from a Spanish look to designs that mimic slate or wood shakes. It is long-lasting, but can break if it becomes brittle. It has good resistance to fire and moderate resistance to wind. Clay tiles are best used on steep sloped roofs.

Clay tile is designed to last 50 years or more, which will reduce its initial cost in the long term. You may want to consider how long you will live in your home as to whether clay tile is the best option for you.


slate roofing materialSlate has been around for a long time for roofs and adds an attractive look to any home. It is made from natural slate rock and is designed to be long-lasting. This material is highly resistant to both wind and fire and seldom needs replacement. The one downside to this material is that it more expensive than other options. Slate is heavy and also requires professional installation for roof replacement in CO.

Since slate is designed to last 75 years or longer, the initial investment is recouped over time and makes it almost as inexpensive in the long run as other materials. However, many homeowners today do not own their homes for that many years.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

Another natural material, wood has also been used in roofs for many years. They are not as long-lasting as other materials but are resistant to wind and fire resistant if coated with a fire retardant. They add a stylish look to a home, but require occasional maintenance to increase their lifespan. Typically, wood shingles and shakes last between 15 and 25 years, which may be as long as you plan to own your home.

Recycled Shingles

One of the most eco-friendly options is not exactly natural but it is good for the environment. Recycled shingles are made from waste materials that can include rubber, wood fiber and even plastic. They are manufactured from both residential and commercial waste and are very durable. They look nice, so no one would ever know they came from waste materials. They can last for many years, and some even have warranties of up to 50 years.

When choosing roofing for your home, you can find natural materials that are eco-friendly as well as high-quality to last for many years. Talk to a roof professional to help you decide which option is best for your style of home and the area where you live.

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