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Holiday Roof Maintenance Tips

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As the holiday season falls upon us, homeowners can easily get wrapped up in seasonal feasts, parties, and gift giving, often forgetting to complete necessary household chores as their attention is drawn elsewhere. However, during the winter season, there is one area of a home that we beg homeowners not to neglect – their roof. Snow and ice can quickly build up on the top of homes, particularly homes with flat roofs or a low slope, adding heft and weight that can cause weak areas to cave in. As the holidays draw near, homeowners would be wise to follow a few home maintenance tips prior to festivities in order to ensure their roofs are functioning effectively and are safe for the whole family all year round.

denver roofing contractorMost importantly, before the snow piles up for too long, you should have your roof inspected by a licensed roofer. If snow has already begun to accumulate, it is even more important to have a professional conduct your seasonal inspection as working on a roof can be incredibly dangerous, particularly in the winter months. A competent, qualified roofing contractor like Mountain State Roofing will inspect rain gutters and downspouts, beams, the attic for moisture, seals around vents and chimneys, and the overall condition of an existing roof to make sure everything is sound and in good functioning order. When you have a qualified roofing company conduct your maintenance check for you, you are ensuring it is done right the first time, and that potential weak spots aren’t missed in the process. The last thing you and your family need is a roof that fails during the wintertime simply because you didn’t quite know what to look for. A company that specializes in professional roofing in Toronto will often offer to complete maintenance inspections of your roof for a nominal fee that is well worth the peace of mind it affords.

When looking for a roofer to complete your inspection, you should also search for a roofing company that has 24-hour emergency service in the event you have a problem with your home that cannot wait. This way you have already built up a relationship with a quality roofing company who will be able to help you no matter what, and you don’t need to hunt for a new contractor during a crisis. Other things a homeowner should look for in a roofer is: prompt service, positive customer feedback, experience working withyour roofing type, and the proper licenses and insurance to insure they have reputable business practices. It is always beneficial to have a roofer you trust on-hand before they are needed for winter emergencies.

Colorado can be prone for heavy snowfall or hail storms during the holiday season. The best way for a homeowner to be prepared for the winter season is to care for their roof with proper maintenance and to have an inspection done early on in the season. Their roofer should also make necessary repairs after their inspection so that the homeowner can feel confident that their home is ready to absorb the blows of winter.

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