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Mountain State Roofing is a market leader in Industrial and Denver Commercial Roof Repair

No job is too large! No job is too small! If you own or manage commercial property in Colorado, you need to Mountain State on your side!

Whether you call us when you are experiencing a leak, or if you are simply working to maintain your property in the best condition possible, make sure you call us! We invest in each and every repair project with the long-term results in mind. We want to provide you with the best, and most affordable repair service now, so you will want to call us for commercial roofing repairs in the future. Property managers and owners don’t have time to deal with each and every roof on every building. There is already too much to do, so we make it EASY for you to maintain the top of your building too.

We provide not only expert repair services and quality materials . . . but peace of mind. In only a few minutes, our expert can tell you what condition your roof is in, what the prognosis is for its longevity, and how you can most cost-effectively mitigate any future damages. And, because we work for YOU, we help make your money go further, and your roof last longer! Don’t just think about it, and worrying won’t help, give us a call and we’ll handle the rest! We’ll set up an appointment at the best time for you, as soon as the weather is favorable and access is safe. We’ll physically get eye-to-eye with everything on your roofing system!

We repair all types of roofs. We have expert repair crews for peaked, asphalt, flat, low sloping, heirloom properties, and even custom designed unique architectural structures. We are your best connection for all types of minor to major repairs. We’ll even advise you as to how to get the best repair service for the best price! We are your friend on the inside.

Caution for Flat or Low Sloping Roof Owners: The most common reason for bad or leaking roofs in a commercial property is due to too much moisture, especially when the water pools because of bad wear, poor drainage or uneven construction. It is much easier to keep this type of roof up to par, with regular ongoing maintenance, and it is not unreasonable to have an evaluation on these types of roofs annually.

Flat roofs are constructed with a very different concept, with different materials than traditional peaked structures. Because of this, low sloping roofs must be installed correctly to assure adequate weather protection and quick, non-impeded water drainage. Poor drainage can result in big trouble and very expensive bills over the long haul. If you have a roof that may be compromised, please call us today to schedule a Free Inspection. Your Mountain State expert will review the condition and provide you with a prognosis, as well as sharing what your options are to repair the situation. A bad flat roof with undulations or waves in it, is a sure sign that you have or are about to have, ongoing issues. Gone undetected, slight damage today could multiply your repair bills substantially, even resulting in structural damage or deterioration. Contact us for all your repair solutions.

Our Low Sloping or Flat Roofing Solutions include:

Modified Bitumen Roofing or Built-up Roofing (BUR) – This is a modified asphalt composite that is engineered for flat and low sloping roofs, These roofs are usually thought of as being for commercial or industrial application, but some residential properties can also have can have these styles. A built-up roof utilizes single sheets or large rolls of asphalt, the materials are overlapped in a strategic manner to create attractive and durable roofs.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) – A roof covering made from polymers of rubber which is used for low sloping or flat roofing construction.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) – A roofing system for commercial use, as it is highly resistant to the harshest weather conditions. Because it is so weather resistant, TPO insurance claims are rare.

Denver, Colorado’s “Top of the Line” Commercial Roofing Materials

Even a great roofing job is only as good as your materials! At Mountain State, we are passionate about real solutions, so we wouldn’t even think of cutting corners on any of your new roof’s materials. We are Colorado professionals, so you can trust us to use the best materials for your property. We are well versed on Colorado’s fierce climate, as well as what lasts to take roofing to the next level by making sure the roof is constructed of only the highest quality, most durable aesthetically pleasing in every property we work on. We address each project individually, taking into consideration the best materials for each specific property. What is best for a building in an inner city, might not be the best solution for a mountain property. Either way, our expert advisers will be happy to help make your options, pricing and long-term choices known.

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Let’s Talk About How Mountain State Roofing Surpasses the Expectations of Denver Property Owners and Property Managers . . . with every job we do!

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