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We Work with Colorado’s Property Managers and Commercial and Industrial Owners to Provide Sloped & Flat Roof Maintenance Solutions that are Simple & Affordable . . .

  • We are Denver’s most trusted commercial roofing experts.
  • Denver’s property owners trust us to inspect, consult and report on their roofing issues.
  • We are respected for new commercial roofs and repairs throughout Denver and Colorado.
  • Our experts maintain roofs for commercial and industrial property owners in Denver and throughout Colorado.
  • We are proud of our leak repair and maintenance programs for owners of multi-properties, single family and apartment complexes as well as commercial and industrial properties.
  • We also have an excellent reputation for working with real estate professionals who must be concerned with the speed, quality and bottom-line costs of any roofing issues associated with properties that are being bought or sold. We know what needs to be done, and we get it done fast, at the best price possible! Many Realtors call us first before finalizing their commercial property deals.
  • We hire only the most qualified local professionals who are well trained, insured and bonded, and who have a vested interest in your long-term satisfaction.
  • We help our valued customers by providing a detailed inspection of the property which includes evaluating the existing structure, the roofing gutters, flashing and trim. We look for damage due to aging, as well as any possible damage due to hail, wind, water, or storms. We also lead you through the insurance process to help you understand how to get the most out of your insurance coverage.

Most Common Types of Commercial Roof Maintenance We Provide

Low Sloping or Flat Roof Maintenance – Built-up roofing

Weather, aging, pollution and standing water do the most damage to these type of roofs. Since drainage must be built-in to assure easy drainage, no matter what the climate in the area is. Some of the things we look for on a low sloping or flat roof include:

  • Aging roofs
  • Active leaks
  • Degraded surface
  • Degraded connector
  • Standing water or ponding
  • Granular loss
  • Puncture or wear holes in the material
  • Blisters in the surface membrane
  • Drains that may be blocked
  • Flashing that may be damaged, installed improperly or missing
  • Fungus growth on the shingles or flashing
  • Membrane seams that are showing wear and tear
  • Corrosion of anything on the roof


Traditional Sloping Roofs

These type of roofs are usually constructed with a composite material containing some form of asphalt, but some are better candidates for to plastic or rubberized coating (TPO/TPOC) This is not only the most common type of roofing cover, it is also the most affordable. Mountain State does a great many of these types of roofs annually, but we don’t stop here. We also work with asphalt or other types of tiles, including slate, metal, ceramic, concrete or metal.

When we check out roof tiles, these are the things we look for:

  • Aging roofs
  • Degraded surface
  • Granular loss on asphalt
  • Curling or bending of asphalt
  • Missing nails or tiles
  • Active roof leaks in or around the tiles where moisture could seep in
  • Water that is not properly draining
  • Weak spots that could fail in the future
  • Punctured tile or worn holes in the tiles
  • Drains that may be blocked
  • Tiles and slates should be smooth and not chipped
  • There should be no cracks, or broken tiles
  • Flashing that may be broken, damaged, installed improperly or missing
  • Fungus growths, mold, moss, mildew on shingles or flashing
  • Membrane seams that are showing wear and tear
  • Corrosion of anything related to the roofing structure
  • Metal roofs should check for corrosion, loose, bent or damaged panels
  • Metal seams should uniform and water tight
  • Wood shakes should be inspected for signs of, warping, and buckling

Colorado Property Management Roofing Solutions, Sales, Services and Support –

Property managers today are stretched to their limit! We take our time to thoroughly understand your wants, needs, and challenges. We will set up a program specifically to meet the needs and conditions of your properties. We’ll monitor them for ongoing changes in their condition, and assist in handling any insurance issues. Even better, when the big storm comes, and your competitors are trying to find a well vetted, qualified roofing company to mitigate their damage, you’ll have a direct connection to the best service, along with your special pricing as a sloping or flat roof maintenance client of Mountain State Roofing. Our property manager program provides you with accessibility to a proven team of professionals who know your properties already!

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