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Mountain State has created an outstanding reputation in commercial real estate  construction, maintenance and repair. We treat each Denver commercial project as though it was our only one. We are honored to be the first consideration for nearly every company we have ever worked for. We approach each project with full knowledge that the quality of the roof is paramount to its stability and value. We are excited to be a part of Denver’s flourishing business and real estate economy. While many cities took deep dives economically the last few years, Denver continued to hold up well, and most areas began to see a resurgence in 2014, and it has continued in 2015. We take great pride in knowing that we employ the best trained, most conscientious professionals. We make sure each one comes to your property ready to do the best job possible. Our OSHA trained crews are absolutely second to none! They are knowledgeable in all areas of your roofs design and construction, they understand the specific needs of each property and take the time to get to know each property owner. Our professionals are knowledgeable about all aspects of your roofs design, construction and maintenance. We respect your investment in your property and are committed to excellence on all levels, as we want to do business with you today, and for years to come. We are not just residential roofers who do some larger projects – we are the commercial contractors Denver turns to for quality service. We are leaders in our industry at designing and installing the most complex commercial development applications.

Commercial roofing in Denver can run the entire gambit. From basic flat/low sloping construction (Modified EPDM/BUR/ TPO/PVC), to asphalt, metal and even elaborate ceramic, commercial roofing, but no matter what type of materials your property has, you want only the best materials and craftsmanship. The current value and the future value are both affected by the quality and condition of the roof. We take pride and ownership in every project, we are a part of, from the smallest repair, to the most severe renovation project undertaking.

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If you are concerned about the condition or quality of the roof on your building, you should contact us as soon as possible for your free evaluation and estimate. A minor investment in repairs today, could save you many times more than that in ongoing roof, structural and content damage later. These issues only get worse, as do the repair bills. You want to call us as soon as you think there has been damage . . . If you ignore or delay needed repairs and, basic ongoing maintenance, you will compound your damage, while substantially increasing your repair bills.

Denver Commercial Roofing – What We Inspect On Your Roof

  1. Visible Damage and Debris – We look for the most obvious signs of damage or weakness in the structure. We look for deformations, dirt, debris, pooling water, blocked or broken gutters or missing downspouts. Obvious damage must be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent future damage to the roof, the structure and the items contained within the property.
  2. Structural Components on the Exterior – We check all aspects of the outside of your roof. We look at the wear and tear on the materials, inspect your chimney, fascia, drip edges, and flashings. We look for worn, missing, damaged or failing parts, including the decking and all the vents and skylights. If these items are not addressed as quickly as possible, any of these things could cause damage to the underlayment, roof sheathing, and joists, which could eventually mean a total replacement of the roof structure.
  3. All the Inner Components of the Roof and your building’s interior – If you do not stay up to date on your roofs maintenance, the exterior damage could result in interior damage as well. The damage could be as simple as a small leak in the ceiling, or as severe as replacing an entire section of your roof.

This is also where you might be apt to find mold, mildew or rot, which can do inmensurable damage to the inside and outside of the structure. Moisture is the worst enemy of all things including the top of your building. A small unseen leakage today, could be huge repair bills tomorrow.

We do a thorough examination of the exterior and the interior of your roof. We can tell you if the problem is fixable, or if the damage is too severe for a quick fix. When we have completed our examination of your roof, you can rest assured that your roofing system is in good condition. Proud Commercial roofers of Denver.


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