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A Flat Roof Can Be Problematic if Not Maintained

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A flat roof has Arabic and Persian origins. However, these roofs are ill-suited for areas with heavy rainfall or snow. The water can cause leaks in the roof, thus making it hard to maintain. A flat roof is not actually all flat, but it is comparatively less flat than the other slanted or sloped roofs. A flat roof is preferred by many due to two fundamental reasons:

  • They can be constructed for a low cost
  • They can be used for recreation; as a patio or tennis court for instance
  • Why steer clear of flat roofs?

Flat roofs can be very problematic and can become a constant nuisance. Once enough water is allowed to penetrate through a colorado springs roofersflat roof, it will become saggy and create even more space for more water. Another surprise that can happen is the evasiveness of the leak. It is much more difficult to find a leak on a flat roof than an inclined roof. The main reason this is true, is that a flat roof keeps soaking water until it reaches a point where it fails to soak any more. During the whole soaking, you will never know what’s going on. But once a wall or a ceiling begins to stain, you’ll start to wonder what is going on! But by this point it will be too late as the damage is already done. Now finding the leak is almost impossible because everything is saturated!

Roof Vulnerability to Water and Weather Conditions

Flat roofs are weight-sensitive too. So you have to be extra careful when installing an AC outer unit or electrical units of any other sort. Too much pressure usually results in cracks which start leaking very quickly. Be sure to hire an expert who can carry out the installation using appropriate weight calculations while taking extra care and in a professional manner. Another factor which determines the quality of roofing system is the type and quality of tarpaper being used. Nowadays, EPDM has gained reputation as a very reliable and cost effective tarpaper.

How to overcome a bad flat roof?

Ideally, using a single large synthetic rubber (aka EPDM, PVC etc) sheet is advisable to place on a flat roof, as it is more resilient to leakages. But it is not easy to install a single-pieced sheet as it requires a machine to lift it up towards the roof. Whereas, if you divide the sheet into smaller strips then you can bond it to the roof according to the surface dimensions. Well, the end result really depends on the level of skill the workmen possess and quality of material being used.

Commercial Properties with a Flat Roof

If you have a commercial property you most likely have a flat roof. This doesn’t mean that you will always have problems but you will be more susceptible to leaks. Hiring a professional commercial Colorado Springs roofer who has experience working with flat roofing systems in your climate is the best solution. Call Mountain State Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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