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How Expensive Is A Copper Roof?

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The copper roofing style is not new one. In fact this trend has been prevalent in the ancient times and has now revived again. Copper roofing style is not only elegant and looks beautiful but it is also a durable style of construction. Copper roofing is not only adorable but it also embellishes the buildings and gives them a beautiful look. There are many finest buildings of the word where copper roof has been installed and this really looks nice. After some years have passed, the copper roof turns green and it gives further beautiful verdigris finish to the roof. In financial terms, copper roofing is quite costly. That is why copper roofs are seen more on the ancient buildings and not on the modern buildings. Copper roofing not only looks noticeable but also gives an ancient look to the buildings making them even more worthy to see. The positive feature about the copper roofs is that these are light in weight as compared to other roofing materials.

Kinds of copper roof:

As far the copper roofing is concerned, there are many kinds of copper roofs. Nowadays the trend of continuous roofing made of copper is lessening but it is feasible in terms of sizing because you can buy one continuous roof according to the copper roofing materialsmeasurements. The size of roof is measured and then the copper sheet is bought according to the requirements. In this way the risk of wastage of the costly sheet of copper can be minimized. Other than the continuous copper roof sheet, the copper panels and shingles can also be bought and chosen for the right design.

Durability cost of copper roofing:

The cheapest form of house roofing is in the asphalt shingles. However this is not a durable material as it needs to be replaced after every few years. There is a greater rate of wear and tear of these shingles and that is why these shingles last much longer as compared to any other material.

The copper new roof is not only durable and light in weight and these roofs are very tough. This is the reason why people say that the copper roofs outlast the house. These features make the copper roof an extra value blessing. Even if the house is demolished completely, but the copper roof will still remain there and you can sell it for a very good price to the salvage company where it can be recycled. If copper shingles are compared with asphalt shingles, the longevity of copper shingles is approximately 30 to 40 years greater than that of asphalt shingles.

Cost ranges of copper roof:

Copper roofing is considered to be the most expensive one and it is available on different rates. If the shingles of copper are considered, then these cost approximately $1 per shingle. On the other hand the asphalt shingles will cost for $1 per square foot. Therefore if you intend to buy the copper roof then you will have to pay approximately $4 per square foot of copper shingles. However the prices of copper roofs vary all over the world. Because of the high cost of copper as a roofing material it is primarily used for commercial roofing but can be found on high end homes.

On the other hand if the solid copper roof is considered, the rates are cheaper and the roof cut according to the size will cost approximately $15 per square foot. Although the copper shingles cost more than asphalt shingles, but you can also cut down this cost by buying the used materials.

It must also be kept in mind that these cost estimates are only for the materials and the labor is not included in these estimates. This means that the cost of copper roof is much higher as compared to that of asphalt roof.

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