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Best Practices For Winterizing Your Roof

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Last winter Denver had its first snow fall of the season in the second week of November but statistically we usually get that first snow in October. Now that we are mid way through October and starting to feel the crisp fall air it is more important than ever for facility managers to implement best practices for winterizing the roof.

It is important to maintain the roof all year round but heading into winter it is a great time to get in another inspection to make sure the building is protected from rain and snow leaks or even worse would be having an entire section of the roof collapse. An important best practice is to eliminate potential problems by finding and correcting them before the harsh winter months hit with heavy snow falls.

Two annual roof inspections are recommended

commercial roof inspection DenverMost roofing experts will recommend having the roof inspected in the fall in anticipation of the long winter months and again in the spring to find and correct any defects that may have occurred during the winter. Finding minor problems before they become big problems can extend the life of the roofing system and reduce expenses from large project repairs or full roof replacement. If problems are not identified and corrected early it can contribute to roof failure.

Regardless of the type of roof covering, all roofing systems are made up of similar components. These components are:

  • Structural Deck
  • Insulation
  • Membrane
  • Surfacing
  • Flashing
  • Metal Terminations

All of the above components work together creating a fully functional roofing system. Each of these components also have their own failure mode. This means that each needs to be inspected and failures need to be corrected right away.

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