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A Great Denver Roofing Company For Your Roofing Needs

If you are in need of a great Denver roofing company or a group of great roofing contractors in Denver, Colorado then look no further than Mountain State Roofing in Denver, Colorado. We are a company that has been doing residential and commercial roofing projects for many years and we only hire the most professional and responsible contractors and employees who know just about everything there is to know when it comes to roofing, especially roofing in the city of Denver in the state of...

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Best Practices For Winterizing Your Roof

Last winter Denver had its first snow fall of the season in the second week of November but statistically we usually get that first snow in October. Now that we are mid way through October and starting to feel the crisp fall air it is more important than ever for facility managers to implement best practices for winterizing the roof. It is important to maintain the roof all year round but heading into winter it is a great time to get in another inspection to make sure the building is protected...

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Different Kinds of Roofing Materials

A home can never be without a roof. Roofing is the first line of defense against any extreme weather. Other types of elements might influence a home’s quality, appearance and value. Putting thought into the products of your roof is ideal. There are a variety of options in products to select from when modifying. Asphalt material shingle is a common type of item, especially with American homes. It will work excellent for a large range of designs of roofs and might be a perfect choice for...

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What You Can Expect During Your New Roofing Project

What You Can Expect During Your New Roofing Project An important part of good home maintenance is replacing your roof. Colorado is known for heavy hail storms that is known to cause major damage to roofs throughout the Denver area. Unfortunately, a damaged roof that is ignored can cause major water damage that can cost the homeowner thousands in repairs. This is why it is important to have your roof inspected after a major storm. When your roof needs to be replaced it helps to know what to expect from your Denver roofer and during the re-roofing...

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4 Factors To Determine If Your Roof Has Hail Damage

4 Factors To Determine If Your Roof Has Hail Damage A study conducted by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, hail damage is one of the leading causes for roof damage each year with an average cost of $1.6 Billion each year. This is a huge figure that is difficult to wrap your mind around. Unfortunately Colorado has its fair share of hail storm damage each year and is the leading cause for premature roof replacement. Detecting hail damage on your roof can be a bit difficult when the damage isn’t obvious. Some obvious signs can be found by...

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Why You Should Repair Your Roof After A Long Winter

Why You Should Repair Your Roof After A Long Winter Every year the Colorado winters bombard your home or businesses roof with wind, snow, ice and the continuous freezing and thawing conditions. These types of weather conditions can cause damage to your roof and it may not be visible from the ground. When the heavy spring rains come your roof may begin to leak and if it is a small leak you may not even know it. Without regular roof repair checkups water can cause thousands of dollars in damage. And in many cases this is lost expenses that could...

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Boulder CO Roofing Costs For Replacement And Repair

Boulder CO Roofing Costs For Replacement And Repair A roof is your home’s first and most important line of defense against the elements. Fortunately, homebuilders are well aware of this fact and the structure is the last thing they would ever skimp on. On average, a new roof can last for decades with only minor repairs. Of course, this doesn’t necesarily apply to most homes in the Boulder CO area because of the heavy snow storms and hail storms we often see in the warmer spring and summer months. But with proper maintenance you can...

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Another Satisfied Denver Roofing Customer

Another Satisfied Denver Roofing Customer We don’t want to toot our own horn but we just had to let you know about another happy customer. We always strive to deliver the best service when it comes to installing a new roof on your home or taking care of some minor repairs and we are always thrilled when our customers let us know how well we are doing. Roofing Contractors Denver 5 Star Review We are grateful for all the feedback we receive from our customers and would love the opportunity to show you how great our service is. We...

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Denver Commercial Roofing Trends – What’s New and What’s In

Denver Commercial Roofing Trends – What’s New and What’s In Low Sloped and Flat Roof Trends for Colorado Property Owners Your roof is among one of the most important components of your properties building construction – second only to your foundation (although this is debatable). Because of the nature of your roofs importance it is not at all surprising to see how much roofing systems have developed over time. And many of these developments have taken place over the last two decades. With the large numbers of new construction properties being...

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Hail Resistant Roofing Options

Hail Resistant Roofing Options The Front Range in Colorado has the ominous nick name “Hailstorm Alley.” Hailstorm Alley receives the biggest hail much more often compared to anywhere else in North America and many other parts of the world. Homeowners in Hailstorm Alley could receive at least 3 damaging hailstorm storms each year. Hailstorms create serious residential property damages yearly. In the last years, hail has caused more than $3 billion in insured damages in Colorado alone. After a hailstorm storm it...

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